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Plus Size Cotton Underwear

Dreamy Comfy Cotton

With soft summery details to put you in a sunny mood.

Cotton Unlined Full Coverage Bra
4 (136)
Cotton Unlined No-Wire Bra
4.5 (1816)
Cotton Unlined Demi Bra
4.1 (123)
Front-Close Cotton Lightly Lined T-Shirt Bra
3.7 (3)
Front-Close Cotton Boost Plunge Bra
4.8 (8)
Cotton Boost Plunge Bra With Lace
3.8 (4)
Front-Close Cotton Lightly Lined T-Shirt Bra
2.6 (5)
Cotton Boost Plunge Bra With Lace
4.4 (8)
Cotton Lightly Lined Longline T-Shirt Bra
3.7 (6)
Cotton Boost Plunge Bra With Lace
3.2 (4)
Front-Close Cotton Lightly Lined T-Shirt Bra
3.8 (69)
Cotton Front-Close Boost Plunge Bra
4.1 (77)
Cotton & Lace Longline Boost Plunge Bra
5 (2)
Cotton Lightly Lined No-Wire Bra With Lace
4.8 (13)
Cotton Unlined No-Wire Bra with Lace
4.3 (46)
Lace Unlined No-Wire Bra
4.7 (19)
Cotton Front-Close Unlined No-Wire Bra
3.5 (119)
Cotton Lightly Lined Full Coverage Bra
4.1 (106)
Cotton Boost Plunge Bra
3.6 (90)
Cotton Lightly Lined T-Shirt Bra
3.9 (101)
Cotton Lightly Lined No-Wire Full Coverage Bra
3.7 (51)
Cotton Unlined No-Wire Bra
3.7 (11)
Cotton Hipster Panty with Lace Waist
3.5 (25)
Cotton Boyfriend Brief Panty
4.6 (61)
Cotton High-Leg Brief Panty With Lace Trim
5 (1)
Cotton Thong Panty - Lace Back
4.7 (27)
Cotton High-Waist Brief With Wide Waistband
3.7 (3)
Cotton Full Brief Panty with Wide Waistband
4.4 (130)
Cotton Thong Panty with Wide Waistband
4.1 (14)
Cotton Hipster Panty with Lace-Trimmed Back
4 (38)
Cotton Boyshort Panty with Lace Trim
5 (1)
Cotton Full Brief Panty with Lace-Trimmed Back
4.6 (46)
Cotton Boyshort Panty with Wide Waistband
4 (22)
Cotton Hipster Panty with Wide Waistband
4.2 (64)
Cotton Full Brief Panty with Lace Waist
3.6 (43)
Cotton Full Brief Panty With Lace Trim
4.5 (8)
Cotton High-Leg Brief Panty With Wide Waistband
4 (21)
Cotton High-Waist Brief Panty
4.1 (113)
Cotton Boyshort Panty
3.9 (17)
Cotton Thong Panty
4.8 (37)
Cotton Double String Bikini Panty
4.6 (166)
Cotton Hipster Panty
4 (154)
Cotton Full Brief Panty
4.3 (212)
Cotton High-Leg Brief Panty
4.6 (702)
Cotton Ultra High-Leg Brief Panty With Wide Waistband
4 (15)

Cotton panties & bras offer superior comfort

Soft and comfortable, our plus size cotton underwear and bras serve as the perfect foundation for any outfit. Made from natural cotton fabric in a variety of cup and band sizes, our lightweight cotton bras provide all-day support in all your favorite cuts and colors. Looking for optimal comfort? Our new cotton no-wire bra provides support, while being comfortable enough for all day wear. An everyday essential for all ladies, our breathable cotton panties for plus sizes offer maximum comfort without compromising style. You’ll find cotton underwear and bras in a variety of cute patterns as well as necessary neutrals and crisp bright colors that will make getting ready in the morning a joy!

Why choose cotton underwear

Cotton panties provide comfort you can count on. Soft against your skin and highly breathable, cotton underwear is perfect for all-day wear. Cotton panties are also super easy to care for, making them the perfect option for any day of the week. Sending the day in jeans dress pants? Cotton bikini underwear might be just the thing. If a low key weekend snuggled up in your favorite loungewear or pajama sets is in your near future, grab a classic cotton brief or cheeky boyshorts for all-day comfort.

Cotton bras you’ll love

You know that bra that you always look for when throwing on a t-shirt for a casual errand, or when you finally get to zip up a hoodie for some relaxation? Our cotton collection bras are so soft and comfortable, while still providing some structure and support, that they have become that go-to bra for so many women. Plus, cotton bras are easy to care for and can be tossed in the wash with your cotton panties and other cotton clothing. With a range of classic styles to trendy prints, it’s easy to stay comfy and feel fabulous.

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