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Plus Size Thong & Tanga Panties

No-Show Thong Panty
3.3 (23)
Dot Mesh Tanga Panty
0 (0)
Lace Wide-Side Thong
0 (0)
Ribbon-Slot Lace Thong
0 (0)
Cherry Embroidered Thong
0 (0)
Dot Mesh Ruffle Thong
0 (0)
Cotton Thong With Lace Trim
0 (0)
Animal Print Lace Thong
0 (0)
Lace Wide-Side Thong
0 (0)
Metallic Lace Wide-Side Thong
5 (1)
Foil Lace Thong Panty
0 (0)
No-Show Thong With Lace Back
0 (0)
Fan-Lace Wide-Side Thong Panty
0 (0)
Shimmer Lace Wide-Side Thong Panty
3 (2)
Metallic Embroidered Thong Panty
4 (1)
Lace Brazilian Panty
5 (4)
Strappy-Back Tanga Panty
5 (18)
No-Show Thong Panty with Lace
4 (4)
Cotton Thong Panty - Lace Back
4.7 (29)
Extra Soft Thong Panty
4.9 (22)
Cotton Thong Panty with Wide Waistband
4.1 (17)
Stretch Lace Thong Panty
3.9 (14)
Lace Brazilian Panty
0 (0)
Cotton Thong Panty
4.7 (42)

Plus size thongs: panty line - be gone!

Many who love plus size women’s thong underwear say they can’t live without it, for so many reasons. Number one is that plus size thongs strike the perfect balance between comfort and freedom, especially when wearing yoga pants, jeans or skirts. Many of today’s plus size high waisted thongs are super-comfy, often made from accommodating stretchy blends that allow comfortable body movement throughout the day. In addition, thongs have minimal fabric, so they rarely become bunched, ride up or sag. They won’t bind during workouts, they are refreshing on hot days, resisting heat and perspiration, and no seams means no worries during long days sitting at a desk. Many women also consider plus size thong panties to be a fashion must-have because they eliminate VPL (visible panty lines), to make wearing form-fitting leggings, fitted pants, or dresses made of delicate, clingy fabrics, worry-free. Finally, there is no denying that plus size thong underwear is sexy. It is designed to naturally highlight a shapely bottom, regardless of what you’re wearing over it, and it always proves to be either a bit of fun indulgence, a serious confidence booster, or most likely both.

What type of plus size thong is right for you?

Looking for a thong to solve panty woes or something to further attract your honey? A good place to start your quest for the best plus size thongs is to determine the style that not only suits your personal taste and meets your comfort level, but that is sexy and flattering for your figure. All our comfortable thongs for plus size are designed with a different cut for your backside, with a variety of styles and fashion details you’ll love. Select a no-show, open-back or wide side design, pick one of our classic plus size cotton thongs, or go with alluring lightweight lace. If you’re wanting something with a bit more coverage, consider a tanga panty. More revealing than a bikini, tangas are less revealing than a typical thong, while offering uncomplicated comfort.

Flaunt your new look

Many women say that wearing a thong makes them feel more attractive and body confident. Thongs are practical, and they are exciting. Whichever style you choose, you can be certain that finding the size you want, from 12 to 36, will be quick and easy. Generally, the size that will be most comfortable in a thong is the same as your size in regular panties. Create a look that’s self-assured, stylish and uniquely your own by pairing your thongs for women plus size with matching bras, whether you’re dressing for yourself or want to entice your sweetie. For help finding the best sexy options for under it all, check in with our fit experts, for fit assistance and suggestions.

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