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No-Show Thong Panty
3.4 (10)
Cotton Thong Panty
4.7 (30)
Cotton Ultra High Leg Thong with Wide Waistband
4.2 (5)
Cotton Thong Panty With Lace Back
3 (2)
Strappy-Back Tanga Panty
5 (8)
Strappy Back Thong With Lace
0 (0)
Butterfly Floral Thong Panty
5 (2)
Cross-Dyed Lace Wide-Side Thong Panty
0 (0)
No-Show Thong Panty With Lace
4.8 (4)
Cross-Dyed Lace Wide-Side Thong Panty With Split Gusset
3.5 (2)
Lace-Side Thong
4 (1)
No-Show G-String Panty
4 (9)
Stretch Lace G-String Panty
0 (0)
Cotton Thong Panty - Lace Back
5 (8)
Extra Soft Thong Panty
4.9 (11)
Lace Wide-Side Thong Panty
5 (18)
Cotton Wide-Side Thong Panty - Striped Logo Waistband
4.2 (10)
Stretch Lace Thong Panty
3.4 (8)
Cotton Thong Panty
5 (4)
No-Show Thong Panty
3.7 (7)


Spice up your look by matching your new bra with a coordinating plus size thong. At Cacique, we aim to make you look and feel your best – for plus sizes in every shape. From sexy to classic, you'll be able to browse our wide variety of plus size thongs– cotton, lace, no-show, open-back, wide side and more. Pair with a matching plus size bra, or piece of lingerie, for the ultimate confidence boost. Shop all of our plus size panties for more options.

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